Jenna Jameson Rocks Bikini Bottoms And Short Crop Top As She Flaunts Her 80-Pound Weight Loss

Jenna Jameson promotes her book 'Sugar' at Barnes & Noble
Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson is rededicating herself to her healthy habits and she was anxious to show off the results in her latest Instagram post. Jameson has been very open over the past couple of years about her efforts that led to a loss of about 80 pounds, and after stepping away from some of those working strategies for a while, she’s back at it.

On Friday, Jameson posted a new photo to her Instagram page that her fans loved. Jenna was taking a selfie in a spot in her new Hawaiian condo, and those who follow her social media page recognize it well. In this case, Jenna was wearing striped bikini bottoms and a short Mickey Mouse crop top, and she looked fabulous.

Jameson was standing with one leg slightly ahead of the other, her foot pointed, and this positioning showcased her athletic legs. The crop top rested just under her breasts and Jenna’s slim waist and flat tummy looked quite impressive.

Jenna wore her blond hair in a messy bun on top of her head, and she had a slight smile on her face as she snapped this new selfie. In the lengthy note added to the Instagram post, Jameson explained that she was just getting back into intermittent fasting again and she was already seeing fantastic results.

Jameson has written about intermittent fasting quite a bit before, and she credits the strategy as a key component to the 80-pound weight loss that she has achieved over the past couple of years. Jenna follows a mostly keto diet, and has been sober. She feels that these all work together nicely to help her look amazing and feel great.

Jenna explained that her weight hasn’t changed with her return to this fasting strategy. However, Jameson details, she feels more energetic and notices changes, especially in her midriff.

The former adult movie actress also noted that she is fine with her current weight of 125 pounds. She is showing that her body can look quite different at that same weight depending on how she’s choosing to eat and take care of herself.

Jenna Jameson’s followers were asking her lots of questions about how she manages her intermittent fasting and her other health strategies, and she was happy to engage with them and share additional details. She frequently shares updates like this latest selfie, or side-by-side comparisons showing her old figure vs. her current one, and every photo amazes and inspires her followers.