Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Drew Lashes Out At Shiloh As Memories Influence Their Dynamic

Billy Miller stars as Drew Cain on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Many people became rattled throughout Port Charles during Friday’s episode of General Hospital.

Spoilers going forward tease that the news that Shiloh made bail and is free again will continue to shake things up all over town. Meanwhile, next up is a confrontation with Drew that becomes physical.

During Friday’s episode, Shiloh made bail thanks to Daisy’s help. He wasted little time in making sure others in town knew he was out of jail. Shiloh crossed paths with Drew at the Floating Rib and the discussion between the two grew intense.

A bit later, Shiloh was sitting at the bar by himself. He looked at Jason as he walked by.

Drew was playing pool, with the sound of the pool balls hitting one another seeming to spark a flashback for Shiloh.

In this flashback, Shiloh was seen after being injured during his time in the service as Drew struggled to wake him up. Of course, that version of Drew looked like Jason because the story went that Drew looked just like Jason before the plastic surgery he had after his car accident a few years ago.

Fans have been wondering if this former connection between Shiloh, who went by the name Hank at the time, and Drew, who looked like Jason back then, would ever be fully fleshed out. Now, General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers will finally start to learn more.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason’s pool balls flashback will cause some drama during Monday’s show. The sneak peek for the July 22 episode shows that Drew will physically grab Shiloh and shove him back against the bar.

What happens besides Shiloh flashing back to that time during their military service and Drew grabbing him? That much isn’t known yet, but this situation is generating speculation among viewers about what the dynamic historically had been like.

Shiloh has been eager to get his hands on something or some information Drew had at that time, and Drew’s memories remain erased from that part of his life. While all of this seemed to have been dropped for a while, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that this would come back up again and could turn out to have an immense impact on current happenings in Port Charles.

During Monday’s show, Curtis will intervene in some situation, and the situation could be that he’ll become involved in this confrontation. As the week continues, Jason will be annoyed by how comfortable Shiloh is making himself and Drew will face some sort of setback, SheKnows Soaps notes.

Fresh General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been floating around signaling that actor Billy Miller could be leaving the soap and his role of Drew, The Inquisitr recently noted.

So, if the rumors about his exit are true this time, will the show’s writers reveal more about Drew and Shiloh’s history before Miller leaves?

Viewers are eager to see Shiloh taken down because of all of the chaos he has caused for so many people in Port Charles. His release on bail was a big setback, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a lot more on the horizon that will cause him problems. Fans are anxious to see how this dynamic with Drew and their past will figure into it all — and it looks as if everybody will learn more soon.