Bikini Babe Sierra Skye Sizzles In ‘All You’ Thong, Instagram Can’t Handle The Heat

Sierra Skye has 4.1 million Instagram followers for a reason. This bikini queen comes with killer curves, raw beauty and a fierce attitude towards flaunting her famous assets. On July 19, the blonde bombshell took to the platform for another knockout post. Given the racy snap from Sierra, there is little surprise that her fans are having trouble handling what they’re seeing.

Earlier today, Sierra updated her account. The model posted a very rear-centric photo that was nothing short of sizzling. A parched a desert setting added to the heat, but fans would likely argue that Sierra started this fire.

Sierra’s photo had been shot from behind. A intensely minimal string bikini in purple tones was being modeled – seemingly with the perfect delivery that is this sensation’s trademark. Both of Sierra’s hands were placed on her peachy behind.

While Skye had not been photographed full-length, she was still sending out her super fit body. Curvy as this girl’s posterior may be, that body part forms part of a seriously strong body. Sierra’s toned thighs, muscular back and sculpted shoulders were all on show — likewise, the all-around golden tan that Sierra seems to rock year-round.

With her blonde hair appearing to wave in the breeze and the sun’s rays pouring onto her, Sierra proved to be every inch the Instagram babe today.

Fans can’t seem to process this update.

“bodddyyyyy,” one fan wrote.

“Can not deal with you,” another said.

“Sierra omg,” said yet another, appearing to mean one fan was taken aback.

Interestingly, many comments to Sierra’s post today appeared to come from female accounts. Stereotypes may have society assuming that Instagram’s swimwear faces come with an exclusively male fanbase, but the assumption would be an incorrect one.

Women are following bikini queens like Sierra for their own reasons. Given that this beauty is super-fit and a total style queen, it’s no surprise why Instagram’s ladies subscribe to the model’s updates.

While a significant chunk of Sierra’s feed generally is dedicated to itsy-bitsy bikinis, this fashionista does throw in the odd dress. Hot pinks and electric hues seem to be Sierra’s favorite color palettes, although chic monochromes have been donned. All seem to perfectly compliment Sierra’s fierce tan.

With her rising following, Sierra is now in a strong position to influence. Although Sierra’s bio does not point toward any brand partnerships, her updates do send company shout-outs. The above picture gave affordable clothing brand Hot Miami Styles a mention. Sierra also appears to select items from clothing giant Fashion Nova.

Fans wishing to see more of Sierra’s sexy updates should follow her Instagram.