The Fully Nude Kendall Jenner Pic That Instagram Basically Never Noticed

Kendall Jenner's fans tend to get their fix the traditional way – the supermodel's 113 million Instagram followers might have to wait a while for updates, but subscribing to Kendall's feed will deliver photos of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Earlier on Friday, Kendall took to her account for a fully nude shot – the Instagram picture of Kendall in her birthday suit racked up over 1 million likes in under 30 minutes, per The Inquisitr. There's another photo, though. The photographer responsible for the sizzling snap, Mert Alas, posted a separate picture of Kendall from the same photoshoot on Wednesday. Given that this photo has only racked up 77,000 likes in two days, it's fair to say that Instagram mostly seems to have missed the update.

Mert's Wednesday photo showed Kendall shot nude and in semi-profile. The brunette was flashing her long legs, toned booty, and side-shot cleavage in an artistic way – with Kendall holding onto a studio chair, the photoshoot feel very much echoed the actual situation. This snap was very much NSFW, though. In addition to the unclothed rear on show, fans were getting a healthy flashing of the model's chest – a digitially-placed rectangle over Kendall's right breast ensured the photo abided by Instagram's rules. The platform has its limits when it comes to nudity.

An amusing caption from Mert appeared to refer to the chair that Kendall was holding. It likewise doubled up as a pop culture reference.

When it comes to popular culture, it could be argued that Kendall is the living embodiment of it. The star grew up on her family's Keeping Up With The Kardashians show – adolescence and early adulthood for this star came complete with a reality television setting, social media, and a Hollywood circle of friends that most would consider enviable.Kendall's career has definitely branched beyond her presence on the hit E! show, though. As the world's highest-paid supermodel, Kendall comes with lucrative contracts galore, plus a fully-fledged high-fashion career walking runways at Fashion Week. Kendall also rakes in the cash from her sponsored social media posts – recent ones have included campaigns for fashion giant Calvin Klein and skincare brand Proactiv. Kendall is also a spokesperson for sportswear label Adidas and oral care brand Moon.Companies may pay a hefty fee for the privilege of having Kendall front their brand, but it looks like this model is worth the price. A recent video of Kendall modeling Calvin Klein swimwear currently sits at 12.6 million views – the American brand would likely consider that a good bang for their buck.

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