Pete Davidson Wants Someone To ‘Slam’ His Widowed Mother

Pete wants someone to hook-up with his mother, so she’ll get ‘off [his] back.’

Pete Davidson at 2017 MTV awards
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Pete wants someone to hook-up with his mother, so she’ll get ‘off [his] back.’

Pete Davidson is ready for his mom, Amy, to move on from his father’s death, reports People.

Pete’s father Scott, a New York City firefighter, was killed on 9/11. The comedian was just seven years old.

On Queer Eye star Tan France’s new Netflix web series, Dressing Funny, the SNL actor explained his mother has not dated since his father passed.

“I’m trying to get her to [date],” Pete quipped. “Someone should slam her. Seriously, she’s been not with anybody since like, my dad died. Somebody needs to get up there and get that lady off my back.”

The 25-year-old currently lives with his mother in Staten Island. As reported on ET Online, Pete moved back into the house he purchased together with his mother after his two public breakups with Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale. Pete’s sister Casey also lives in the house.

“We live together. We’re roommates,” he said. “You know how your mom like, could be cool to everybody, but it’s like, your mom. So you love her, but you’re like, chill out dude.”

As reported in People, the comedian stated he wants his mother to hook-up with whoever she dates, regardless if he has hesitations.

“[If I didn’t like someone she brought home] I’d be like, ‘Hey, that guy’s not cool, but like, get it in,'” Pete explained to Tan.

The Dirt star apparently thought Jon Hamm could be the answer to his mother’s dry spell. Pete introduced his mom to the Mad Man actor backstage at Saturday Night Live as her Mother’s Day present. The romance seemingly did not pan out.

During the web series, Pete also discussed his struggles with mental health. Today noted Pete’s mental health declined after his split from Ariana Grande. The 25-year-old stated he was being bullied by the singer’s fans, both online and in-person, for nine months.

The comedian, who has been candid about living with borderline personality disorder (BPD), stated his life has improved since taking Klonopin, a drug that treats panic attacks.

On Dressing Funny, Pete confided he still has off days, revealed People.

The SNL star explained to Tan France he’s happy his mental health issues are now out in the open. His friends no longer think he’s a rude, short-tempered person. Instead, they are aware he is coping with his BPD to the best of his ability.

To see more of Pete, be sure to watch the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live on NBC.

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