Donald Trump Defender Alan Dershowitz Claims 'Perfect, Perfect Sex Life' During Time He Knew Jeffrey Epstein

Jonathan Vankin

Defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz, once known as one of America's top civil liberties advocates and political liberals, has emerged over the past year as one of Donald Trump's most outspoken and well-credentialed defenders. Dershowitz has appeared frequently in television interviews to claim that the Robert Mueller investigation into Trump's Russia ties was illegal and unconstitutional — a position that left much of the American legal community scratching its collective head, as Politico reported.

But Dershowitz has also had a lengthy history of defending controversial — and wealthy — clients, Politico recounted, including New York real estate magnate Leona "Queen of Mean" Helmsley, accused double murderer and former football star O.J. Simpson, fundamentalist Christian televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker, and Danish socialite Claus von Bulow, who was accused of causing his wife to slip into a vegetative state by deliberately injecting her with an overdose of insulin.

Dershowitz was also a member of the defense team for multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and counted Epstein among his circle of friends — as did Trump — as NPR reported.

The now-80-year old Dershowitz's association with Epstein has come to plague him, after a woman who said that she was kept as an Epstein "sex slave" claimed in a lawsuit that Dershowitz had "sexual intercourse" with her "at least six times," including when she was only 16-years-old, as The Inquisitr has reported.

But Dershowitz has vehemently denied the accusation, describing his accuser as a "prostitute" and claiming that the accusation is the result of a personal vendetta by the woman's lawyer, David Boies, as The Miami Herald reported.

On Thursday, Dershowitz appeared on the Fox News program The Ingraham Angle, on which host Laura Ingraham granted Dershowitz a forum to deny the accusations — and to attack Boies. But the interview was perhaps most notable for the claim Dershowitz made about his own sex life, which he described as "perfect, perfect sex life during the relevant period of time," as quoted by Andrew Lawrence of Media Matters for America via Twitter, and seen in the video below.

In the op-ed published on the site, Dershowitz alleges that New Yorker editor David Remnick plans to publish the "hit piece" in an attempt to "silence" him for his defense of both Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.