Kendall Jenner’s Topless Pic Sparks Outrage: Woeful Vibes Infuriate Fans

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Kendall Jenner is getting slammed. The supermodel took to Instagram earlier today for an artsy black-and-white photo that showed her topless.

In the photo, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had posed for the camera with her arm protecting her modesty. She flashed the camera a direct gaze, and conveyed what appeared to be a message in her caption – Kendall detailed her past battles with troublesome skin before crediting the skincare brand she was promoting for her current, clear complexion.

Kendall’s words did, indeed, seem woeful. They referred to being school-aged and not wishing to “leave” her home due to embarrassment over her pimples. Fans will know that Kendall has battled flare-ups, although photos of a younger Kendall didn’t show a worst-case scenario. Nonetheless, the mentioned teen years seemed troublesome, per the 23-year-old’s words.

Fans seem to be giving Kendall’s post the thumbs-down.

“Your acne was like 3 pimples,” read a comment receiving over 720 likes.

A comment also suggesting that the supermodel hasn’t had it all that hard proved immensely popular, racking up over 1,900 likes.

“Yeah… I am sure you had a rough and difficult life…… Poor you”

Elsewhere, the model appeared slammed for promoting a product that many fans feel she may not use.

“You don’t even use it,” one fan wrote, with over 750 users agreeing.

“You know damn well she ain’t use no ‘proactiv'” echoed the thought.

While Kendall’s fans may see the backlash as trolling, there’s no denying that the comments questioning just how hard Kendall had it proved popular. From an objective viewpoint, it’s also worth remembering that individuals leaving comments to celebrity social media accounts tend to already be following the star – that, in itself, would suggest a slight bias in their favor. That said, followers of Kendall’s account didn’t appear to be showing their appreciation for the model today — at least, not by the masses.

Kendall’s post was not, however, universally slammed. Many fans showed love for the model – a few agreed that the mentioned skincare brand might be of use to those with troublesome skin.

Invariably, though, remarks regarding Kendall’s caption dominated the comments section.

“When was your acne ‘at its worst?’ would love a before/after pic,” read another popular response.

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Kendall’s promotions have fallen under fire before. Last month, the Daily Mail reported Kendall receiving backlash for a skincare promotion that only saw her wash her face for 10 seconds. Fans paying attention to Kendall’s skin-centric promotions will have noticed that people often probe her about whether or not she uses the product in questions.

Fortunately, Kendall’s other promotions appear immensely popular. They include campaigns for Calvin Klein, Adidas, and jeweler Tiffany & Co.