Sierra Skye Wows In Neon-Yellow Bikini, Flaunts Jaw-Dropping Curves With A Sneaky Twist

Sierra Skye is fast-rising on Instagram as the platform’s bikini queen. The blonde bombshell now has 4.1 million followers awaiting her updates. She may share regular posts, but this model has sneakier ways of keeping her fans on their toes. Sierra is a fan of Instagram’s stories feature – anything posted via the platform’s stories only remains available to viewers for 24 hours.

Earlier today, Sierra took to her Instagram Stories for an update. The model had opted for a low-key selfie in a setting that suggested she might be prepping for a photoshoot. The hand-held photo saw Sierra posing in front of pink-draped curtains with a background of shelved sneakers and a floor showing a long wire. While the model didn’t let her fans in on what was going on, she didn’t hold back on sharing her most famous asset – the curves on this beauty are something else.

Sierra was nothing short of wowing in a cute, sexy, and very bright bikini in neon yellows. The two-piece was curve-hugging and cleavage-flaunting, but it likewise showcased the serious muscle this model has. Sierra might not update her Instagram from gym settings, but her washboard abs, toned legs, and sculpted shoulders suggest that she might be some kind of fitness fiend.

Bikini updates from Sierra are frequent, popular, and always perfectly delivered. This Instagram sensation has a way of keeping her fans hooked – be it via her direct gaze, eye-popping curves, or sometimes-humorous captions, Sierra has nailed the art of raking in the engagement.

The model also harnesses a remarkable knack for keeping her content feeling fresh – that, in itself, can be a challenge when the wardrobe is mostly swimwear. Sierra seems to select varied colors, varied styles, and varied settings, although her preferred spot seems to be the sunny outdoors.

Sierra’s Instagram updates do not, however, exclusively feature her in swimwear. This fashionista will throw in the odd dress as a reminder that dolling up for evening looks is as much her domain as rocking sexy bathing suits. In fact, Sierra kicked off the month by flaunting her curves in a hot pink, woven summer dress. The snap seen above proved immensely popular – it currently sits at over 100,000 likes.

With her killer body more visible via her cheeky bikinis, though, it’s of little surprise why Sierra’s racier pictures prove more popular. An Instagram snap of Sierra showcasing her booty in a leopard print bikini was posted to the model’s account one day later. It currently sits at over 197,000 likes.

Whether in swimsuits or slinky dresses, this sensation has proven to be a hit. Fans wishing to see more of Sierra should follow her Instagram.