What Color Is This Dress : Black And Blue Or White And Gold? - Experiment Goes Freakishly Viral

The world is currently being driven insane, and it is all because of a dress that has been posted online and the simple question is asked - what color is this dress? While that may seem like a very easy question to answer, it's causing a lot of controversy because the dress which appears to be blue and black is being seen as white and gold to others.

It's a picture of a dress hanging up and this is it, posted by a user named swiked on Tumblr.

blue black gold white dress

Now, what colors do you think the dress is? Blue and black? White and gold?

Seems simple, right? If you see it in blue and black, then you're not wrong. Then again, if you see it in white and gold, you're not wrong either. Apparently, everyone is seeing it in one set of colors or the other and they're both correct.

Those over at Gawker are being driven insane by the little dress test, and the majority there appear to think it is white and gold. It's spreading all over social media and people are arguing over what color the dress really is.

This is not meant to be a joke and it isn't meant to be one that is funny. Apparently, it's some kind of test and one that determines how the life of a person is currently going.

With all of the hoopla and stress over this blue and black dress, - or is it white and gold dress - a reasoning of sorts was posted on Twitter.

So, according to this, if you are dealing with some kind of big negative event in your life, you're going to see the blue and black dress. If you're doing dandy in life and nothing is stressing you out, then you're going to see white and gold.

Is that right?

It sure seems that way, if this explanation is the real deal. Emotions are playing into this dress test and the Internet is being driven collectively insane. Sometimes, you'll even see the dress in one set of colors and then later in another, and it's all because your mood changed.

Whether you see the blue and black dress or the white and gold dress, don't freak out. You're not crazy and you're not going mad, but you are taking part in a huge viral experiment.

[Image via Coveroid]