WWE Rumors: Huge Angle Being Planned For 'Raw Reunion' Episode Next Week

Things seem to be changing in WWE, but it looks as if the promotion is going back in time to create a spark for today's product. Next week's episode of Monday Night Raw is being hailed as the "Raw Reunion" -- a show which will bring back legends, Hall of Famers, and many others. That being said, rumors are swirling that a major angle is being planned for next week's show.

As reported by The Inquisitr, there are going to be close to three dozen legends showing up for the Raw Reunion. WWE believes that the return of all these big-time superstars will create a boost in ratings, but the company wants that kind of momentum to continue past that one week.

Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, is reporting that WWE knows a lot of old-school fans will be tuning into Raw to see their favorites return. WWE almost certainly wants to keep those viewers coming back the next week, and that is why they are planning something big on Monday.

The promotion knows that they have a three-hour window to not only indulge a lot of nostalgia and to bring back old memories, but to also create interest in the company's future.

Sid Vicious dominates during his time in WWE.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio says that WWE is ready to shoot this angle, but there have been no leaks regarding what it may be.

"So they've got three hours to shoot a big angle I guess and I've got to think that they're probably smart enough. I mean, I know they're smart enough to do that. Whether they have that angle is a different question whether they've got something under their sleeve — you know that they're ready to shoot."
Of course, this is all rumor as of this time, and nothing is guaranteed to actually take place during the Raw Reunion. It could end up just being a very fun show with an old-school feel, but it would not be surprising to see WWE use the legends as a stepping stone for today's stars.

Once the Raw Reunion takes place, SummerSlam will be less than three weeks away. This proposed "big angle" could lead into another match. No matter what, it's going to be fun to see all of the Hall of Famers and legends on Monday Night Raw, even if it doesn't produce a momentous storyline. The superstars of today clashing with the legends of the past is something that all wrestling fans should tune in to see.