Tyler Christopher Sends Love To ‘General Hospital’ Fans For Their Support

Tyler Christopher hasn't said one way or the other whether he is returning to 'GH.'

General Hospital's Nikolas and Hayden.
Rick Rowell / ABC Press

Tyler Christopher hasn't said one way or the other whether he is returning to 'GH.'

There has been plenty of speculation and rumors of Tyler Christopher’s return to his role as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital. Now with the recent name drops on the ABC soap, fans are going crazy wondering if it could finally be happening. The actor is aware of what is being said on social media and in print, and he has a message for those who have been his biggest supporters.

Christopher sent out his love in a Twitter post on Wednesday saying how much he appreciates the continued support for his longtime character. He started out by saying how “sweet and loyal” his fans are. He is also aware that Nikolas has been a topic of conversation lately on General Hospital. The most recent name drop was when Ava Jerome wanted to contact the Cassadine prince this week using Sibley to do it.

The psychic had already supposedly contacted Kiki, and Ava wanted to bring Nik back as well. However, Sibley told her that she just wasn’t feeling Nikolas’ presence at all. That was a very strong indicator that he is still alive somewhere. There was also a hint as Ava brought up Nik’s name to his mother, Laura. Hayden and Laura were also talking about Nik’s son Spencer, which brought up talk about his dad as well. So many hints lately lead fans to believe that a return is at hand.

Nik is thought to be dead, killed by Valentin three years ago. Of course, no one thought that he was really dead, and now it appears that he may be returning soon. Does that mean Tyler Christopher will be reprising his longtime role?


There are no guarantees that the soap won’t just go with a recast at this point, but it does sound like there is a chance that he could be back. Tyler said in his message that he would “never close that door from my side.” It sounds like he is willing to return as long as General Hospital wants the same thing. There is no doubt that fans are rooting for him, and he thanked them for that.

All hints lead to Nikolas Cassadine’s return to General Hospital. Keep checking back for more updates on whether it will be Tyler Christopher or if the prince will come back with a new face.