Miley Cyrus’ Outrageous Twerking Video Bombs, Cringing Fans Compare Her To A Stripper

Miley Cyrus attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018
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Miley Cyrus tends to remain popular regardless of what she does. The SHE IS COMING singer is known for erring on the side of controversy, but Miley generally comes out on top. However, it looks like there’s recently been an exception to the rule.

A raunchy and somewhat outrageous video of the 26-year-old twerking in tiny shorts and a crop top has made The Daily Mail‘s headlines. The home gym footage of the singer gyrating her behind in a suggestive manner may have sent out this blonde’s killer body, but it looks like viewers aren’t giving the Twitter-posted video the thumbs-up. In fact, the most upvoted comments appear to be from fans embarrassed for the “Mother’s Daughter” singer.

“Cringe. Poor Liam Hemsworth. He married her and now she is back to her old ways again,” one user wrote.

Their comment proved the most popular, racking up just under 300 likes.

Another upvoted reply questioned the twerking trend in general.

“I wish women would stop doing this repulsive ‘dance move’. Do they really expect respect with this s3xual nonsense?”

The former Hannah Montana star was also compared to a “stripper” and told that she was “trashy” by multiple users. Suggestions that Miley had turned to “stripper” moves to replace alleged lost “talent” may have been on the trolling side, but concerns for the star’s marital status appeared genuine.

A popular comment queried whether the singer’s husband, Liam Hemsworth, was “ok.” The Hunger Games star was also told that he has a “lot to deal with.” Fortunately for Miley, not all comments proved slamming. The singer was given the thumbs-up from some users on her twerking skills, but responses praising Miley appeared to be the most downvoted.

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Miley’s sexually-charged edge has been making headlines of late. The singer’s SHE IS COMING album released its first music video earlier this month. “Mother’s Daughter” comes with all the self-acceptance in the world, but it likewise comes with a NSFW aspect that’s been raising eyebrows. Miley dancing and grabbing her crotch in a red latex bodysuit with bullet-like studding around the nether regions has generated mixed reactions.

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While many fans have found the video to be an expression of feminine empowerment and sexual liberation, others have taken to social media to slam its raunchy nature and heightened sexual themes. Elsewhere, however, the inclusion of a black and transgender individual alongside a breastfeeding woman has seen the singer praised for breaking down barriers – the video also features a medically obese woman and images of what appear to be C-section scars.

“Mother’s Daughter” may have received the thumbs-up from many viewers, but it looks like Miley’s twerking has somewhat bombed. Fans wishing to see more of Miley should follow the singer’s Instagram.