Hilde Osland Teases Fans By Unbuttoning Her Jeans Wearing Skimpy Bikini Top

Hilde Osland taking a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

Hilde Osland sent temperatures rising on Instagram with her latest update on Thursday.

The Australian stunner posted a series of photos that were taken on the beach at sunset in Australia. Orange and yellow hues filled the sky while the ocean reflected the sunset colors behind Osland, who stood on the sandy shore. The scene created a dreamy background for the sultry shots. In the first photo, the Instagram sensation nearly spilled out of a striped bikini top while letting her unbuttoned jeans slide just below her small waist. Under the jeans, the beauty wore a matching pair of bikini bottoms. With her long, wavy hair tossed over to one side, Osland gave the camera a sexy smile. In the second photo, she gave fans a side view of the pose, which showcased her curvy figure. She turned up the sex appeal as she put her hands in her hair and gave the camera a sly smile.

Osland mentioned in the caption that she was enjoying the sunset in Perth.

Naturally, Osland’s fans went wild for the photo commenting on its beautiful scenery.

“Love the light. Very pretty. And so are you,” one fan told her.

“Beautiful! You are the pinnacle of beauty,” another fan wrote.

“Honestly, probably my most fav pic to date. It’s just beautiful background and foreground!” one fan said.

“Perfection in Perth! Sun-sational as always!!” another fan quipped.

“You could break the web with those eyes,” wrote another.

Osland has probably come close to breaking the internet a couple of times with some of the tantalizing photos she shares. She updates her account regularly and has kept her 1.4 million followers entertained with several steamy shots in the past few months. While she does not always model bikinis in the photos, she does know how to show off her fabulous figure.

However, it cannot be denied that the blond beauty does spend quite a bit of time in bikinis.


Osland recently celebrated her anniversary of dating James Lewis Foster. The two have been dating for two years. The couple recently spent time in New Zealand, and Osland shared a photo of them enjoying a picture-perfect sunset almost like the one she shared on Thursday. The lovebirds snuggled up on a rocky beach as the colors of the water reflected the sky above.

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