Hannah Palmer Goes Skinny Dipping & Flaunts Chest In New Instagram Pics

Hannah Palmer wears a crop top.
Hannah_cpalmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer decided to go for a night-time skinny dipping session and shared photos of it with her fans. The model was spotted in the water, as she posed with her arms resting on the edge of the pool. She leaned forward into her arms, flaunting her chest. Her hair was worn down and was wet, while the pool behind her glowed a light blue. A second photo showed the pool glowing green, while she looked to her left with a smile on her face.

Although Hannah may have gone swimming, her makeup looked untouched. She wore bright red lipstick, mascara and light pink blush. The photos have received over 39,000 likes so far.

“Pls don’t drown I can teach u how to swim,” joked a fan, while another also joked, “I’ll be there in a few. My shoe lace is is a knot…”

“Hot geez. I would have loved to have been there!” said another fan.

“Girls like you are what most of us guys dream about,” added another user.

In addition to the photos from her late-night swim session, Hannah shared a photo of herself in a black, sheer lingerie teddy earlier today too. This photo received over 46,000 likes and showed her leaning on the back of a couch.

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late night skinny dip ????

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Palmer propped herself up with her left hand while playing with her hair with her right. She gave a flirty look at the camera and wore heavy mascara, pink glossy lipstick, and large hoop earrings. Her hair was worn down in a side part with loose waves.

The lingerie top consisted of a black bra with small ruffles on the top, along with a sheer portion in the front with small polka dots.

Hannah was commemorating over 800,000 followers and commented about it in the captions.

“Congrats beautiful you deserve it I love you,” noted fellow model Amanda Trivizas, who also represents KO Watches.

“At least 700,000 are just me on different fan accounts,” joked a fan.


“Love you!!! So happy for you baby only a few more till that big 1 Mil!!” encouraged another user, while someone also said, “Your beauty deserve more than 8M. 800k is just a beginning.”

“Bad Girls always [sic] #1on IG…” observed a different fan.

Right now, Hannah has 802,000 followers on Instagram. And if her fans are right, the number will only continue to climb in the coming weeks and months. For now, fans can only hope for more fun photos from Palmer.