Danielle Knudson Dons Sheer Red Lingerie & Holds A Slice Of Cake

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Danielle Knudson shared a post to thank everyone for a love-filled birthday, and it showed her wearing a sheer, lingerie set. The model lay on her side on a plush, leather sofa as she leaned on her right elbow. She playfully bit down on her left pointer finger while holding a white plate with a slice of cake on it. Danielle’s lingerie set consisted of a scoop-neck bra and matching bottoms with floral accents. She wore her hair down with a heavy right part, and she gave a sultry look to the camera. The photo’s been liked over 6,400 times, with many of her fans stopping by to wish her a happy birthday.

Prior to this, she shared a video clip of her modeling a variety of bikinis on the runway. This included a couple of outfits, including a black one-piece with a cutout for the midriff, along with a light pink bikini with a pair of high-waisted bottoms. The runway projection was of what looked like water, as the model wore her hair down in a middle part. The video’s been watched over 6,400 times.

But that’s hardly all, as she shared a ton of photos and videos of her other runway looks. This included an Instagram shot of her in a pink one-piece that had a revealing cutout in the middle. This left her midriff exposed, while the top and bottoms notably had black zipper accents. The swimsuit had a very high cut also, and she posed with her left hand on her hips.

Previously, Knudson opened up to Maxim about her personal life and preferences when it comes to her love life. She described her ideal date.

“Something intimate, a romantic dinner and drinks if we are starting to get to know one another. Later on in relationships, I think it’s up to both people to come up with creative and fun activities that you know the other person would love,” she explained.

Danielle also didn’t shy away when asked about whether there is such a thing as “too much” foreplay.

“Foreplay to me is everything. It’s the physical and emotional acts of being flirty between two people that creates the desire and passion,” said Danielle.

And she also noted the following about when she feels the sexiest.

“I feel sexiest when I’m naked! When people ask me why I work out, I say, ‘So I can look good naked.'”