Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Reportedly In No Rush To Tie The Knot

Kevin Winter Getty Images

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may be in a steamy relationship, but according to People, Katy is in no rush to marry the hunk.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged this last year on Valentine’s Day. This happened after the pair had been dating on and off ever since 2016. Despite their romantic engagement date, the couple is taking it slow when it comes to actually making their marriage official.

The pair are actually working to make the foundation of their relationship really strong before jumping into the real deal with an official marriage. It sounds like engagement is the perfect place for them to be right now.

“I think we’re doing really great, and we’re really doing the hard work and laying a beautiful foundation before we start to build a monster house, metaphorically,” Katy said on a radio show.

When Katy was asked to clarify what she actually meant by “monster house” she said that it’s figurative for the emotional side of their relationship. Due to things in their past that went wrong, they need to make sure their emotions are in the right place.

The two have both been married before and this plays a major factor in how they are handling their relationship with each other.

According to People, Katy was married in 2010 Russel Brand. The two were dating for approximately ten months when they decided the should tie the knot. In a similar story, Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr, a model, in 2010. When they got married, they had reportedly only been engaged for a month.

Both of these relationships happened when the stars were 24 and 32. They were both relatively young when those weddings happened, they have now grown and matured ten years and probably want to make sure their relationship is perfect before jumping into a wedding. Now, Katy Perry is 34 and Orlando Bloom is 42.

During the radio interview Katy clarified that despite his good looks, it really was Orlando’s heart that ended up winning her over and ultimately leading to their Valentine’s Day engagement.

The pair seem perfect for each other and according to The Inquisitr, they even enjoy an odd cleansing method together — none other than enemas. Apparently, Katy uses the cleansing to help her fight aging and repair her body.

“Especially as you get older and you have longer hangovers you realize ‘the cells in my body are dying.’ I did this thing called Panca Karma, it’s basically Ayurvedic eating and cleansing, you do lots of enemas,” Katy said according to The Inquisitr.