Farrah Abraham’s Neon Bikini Pic Brutally Slammed, Fans Think She Looks 45

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Farrah Abraham is getting slammed. The former Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram yesterday for a bikini update – while the snap didn’t showcase the two-piece in its full form, the neon yellow upper was confirmed to be swimwear, per an Instagram update Farrah made last month.

Farrah’s recent update showed the star shot up-close. Heavy-set makeup and the star’s signature cleavage were on full display. While Farrah’s more supportive fans did leave positive comments to the update, the most upvoted comments proved somewhat brutal. Fans seemed to be thinking that this 28-year-old looks significantly older than her years.

“How old are you? 45?” reads one comment, having received over 100 likes.

“How are you 29 looking 45,” another fan wrote.

While this user didn’t quite get the star’s age right – Farrah recently celebrated her 28th birthday – they did seem to be suggesting that Abraham was looking older in this photo, a sentiment shared by other commenters. The most upvoted reply asked whether Farrah had used FaceApp.

“You’re using the old lady face app in this pic, right?” the user wrote.

The digitally-savvy editing app that ages one’s face has been sweeping celebrity Instagram accounts of late. Farrah herself used FaceApp for an unrecognizable Instagram update earlier today. Sadly though, yesterday’s update was not using the software.

Whether out to probe her age or her history of cosmetic surgeries, it did seem that the platform was hell-bent on ridiculing this mother of one. Farrah was told that she “used to be pretty.” Several users compared the star’s face to a horse. While this celebrity appears to be a target for trolls, there’s no denying that the comments suggesting Farrah to be older than she really was dominated the conversation. Another fan seemed convinced that Farrah had used FaceApp.

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“That’s not her face, I think she just used the FaceApp filter that ages you 60 years,” they wrote.

Farrah has her own beauty. The star’s natural glow doesn’t manifest too often as a result of the heavy cosmetics she chooses to use, but the low-key snaps are out there. Farrah has also been papped makeup-free and sun-kissed on beaches. The star’s face may have changed over the years, but fans would likely argue that Farrah remains an attractive woman.

Unfortunately, for Farrah, it looks like the fans who think she looks great weren’t showing their faces in full force yesterday. Comments praising the star were there, but they didn’t prove popular.

Farrah has 2.2 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Farrah should follow her account.