Melody Thomas Scott Asks For A New Nikki Newman Boardroom Brawl On ‘The Young And The Restless’

Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott recently retweeted an old-school boardroom brawl from 2001 between Nikki Newman and Diane Jenkins, who was portrayed by Alex Donnelley at the time.

Scott reminisced about the dramatic scenes and revealed that they also used stunt doubles for some of the physical action. However, the actress (who played Nikki) clearly remembered her head getting slammed down onto a desk. Scott ended her trip down memory lane by asking Sharon if she was up to the task of fighting with Nikki like this. Most likely, Scott meant actress Sharon Case, who portrays Sharon on Y&R. It has been a while since Nikki has had a flat out brawl with anybody. However, not that long ago, Sharon poured an entire jug of milk on her former mother-in-law’s head at Crimson Lights, which made for a memorable moment in the two character’s shared history.

As for Diane Jenkins, she is the mother of Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), and in the clip, Nikki and Diane argued about a sperm switch, which is what paved the way for Kyle’s birth in the first place. Diane believed she had Victor’s (Eric Braeden) frozen sperm when she was artificially inseminated, but Nikki had switched the sperm, and Kyle’s father ended up being Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Originally, Diane named the newborn Christian Victor Newman but later changed it to Kyle when she realized that Victor Newman wasn’t his biological father.

Fans replied to the fun flashback by asking for another catfight as well.

“Epic catfight!!! I think we’re long overdue for one of those! No one does them like @YandR_CBS #YR,” wrote one viewer.

Other fans wished for the good old days of crazy battles and stolen sperm in Genoa City.


“Oh, my Lord! That takes me back! It’s hard to believe that that happened in the 2000s…seems like so very long ago. Y&R hasn’t had ANY epic brawls like that in a long time! Was the brawl between Jill [Jess Walton] and Katherine [Jeanne Cooper] the one with the cake? Wasn’t there one in a fountain too?” asked a fan.

Currently, Nikki is far from brawling in boardrooms. Right now, she’s supporting Victor as he deals with the harsh side effects from an experimental treatment for his rare blood disease. However, The Inquisitr reported that Nikki has plans for a Newman family dinner, and Victor didn’t want to invite Adam. When Adam finds out he was left out, it’s possible that he will confront Nikki, which means a serious fight could be in Nikki’s future. Hopefully, she won’t find her head slammed into a desk.