Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina Voices Worry And Regret Over Battles With Willow

Cynthia Watros plays Nina on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital kicked off an interesting conversation between Nina and her Aunt Liesl, and spoilers tease that this will get intense during Thursday’s show. Willow, Brad, and Lucas think that their battle with Shiloh over Wiley is over for now, but fans know that there is a lot more to come with this baby situation.

Viewers know that Nina and Willow have had a very contentious relationship over the past year or so. Nina tended to think that Willow was never handling things well enough as Charlotte’s teacher, and the two ladies have had numerous confrontations over all of this. One especially brutal run-in was at the Nurses Ball, and now General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina may feel some regret over this.

Until now, Nina hadn’t caught up to the news regarding the baby battle between Shiloh and Willow. She had overheard Willow mention her baby at the Nurses Ball, but she only made all of the necessary connections about what that meant while visiting Liesl during Wednesday’s show.

Previews for Thursday’s episode reveal that Nina will take this conversation a step further. She will worry that her confrontation with Willow may have been what kicked off this custody battle and ultimately, that was indeed how Shiloh came to believe that Willow had given birth to his child.

Could this realization on Nina’s part be the first step in the two women forming a better relationship? Charlotte is no longer in Willow’s classroom, but viewers have been waiting for months for what they expect is a bombshell involving these two. It’s known that Sasha isn’t Nina’s biological daughter, and many fans feel certain that it’ll turn out that Willow actually is her daughter.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Nina will be trying to apologize to someone during Thursday’s show. It seems quite likely that this involves Willow, at least to some degree, and it seems Nina will be anxious to repair damage that she has done.


As The Inquisitr previously noted, General Hospital spoilers for the week have teased that Liesl will seemingly say something to Nina about Shiloh not being Wiley’s biological father. Obrecht already opened this can of worms with Franco, who didn’t know what to make of it. Now she may say something to Nina, too, but again, Nina surely won’t know how to connect the dots regarding this secret.

Sasha is starting to settle into her new life in Port Charles, and viewers will see more of that on Thursday. Liesl can blow that secret up as well, as she knows that Valentin faked the DNA tests that tied Nina and Sasha together. Soap Central teases that Sasha will be letting her guard down this week, and that may soon prove to be an enormous mistake.

There’s also the secret regarding who seemingly pushed Liesl off the boat at Liz and Franco’s reception, and there do seem to be some signs pointing toward Brad on this one. General Hospital spoilers tease that the Wiley reveal may have been pushed back for now, but at best it’s simply a temporary reprieve, with the truth bound to emerge soon. Fans are anxious to see this play out, and they’re curious to see how it’ll finally fall into place.