Eric Trump Trolled Mercilessly For Saying ’95 Percent’ Of People Support His Dad’s Tweets Slammed As Racist

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Eric Trump thinks that “95 percent” of people support his father’s tweets that have been widely decried as racist, and the internet is lodging its not-so-polite disagreement with Donald’s adult son.

President Donald Trump’s second-oldest son weighed in on the controversy surrounding his father’s tweets telling four congresswomen of color — three of whom were born in the United States — to go back to their “original” countries. The tweet was slammed as racist by many on both sides of the aisle but has also been vigorously defended by some of Trump’s biggest backers and that now includes his adult son.

As Vanity Fair noted, Eric Trump appeared on Fox & Friends to defend his father’s statements and claim that the vast majority of Americans are behind his father.

“No one’s been fighting for American pride,” Eric told the Fox News morning hosts. “And standing up for the national anthem and standing up for our flag. And not allowing our flag to be burned in the streets. No one’s been fighting for these things. My father is in there and he is fighting every single day. He has to fight against the media, he has to fight against these lunatics, and guys, I’m telling you, 95% of this country is behind him in this.”

The claim was immediately torn apart by the internet, with many noting that Eric Trump is wildly out of touch with the majority of Americans who disagree with his father’s statement. A USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll showed that 68 percent of respondents said Trump’s tweets were offensive and a majority called his remarks “un-American.”

Twitter was quick to point this out to Eric Trump, with memes spreading across the social media outlet wondering where he may be getting his numbers regarding his dad’s popularity. Many pointed out that it’s nearly impossible to get 95 percent of Americans to agree on anything, let alone approve a series of reportedly controversial, politically motivated, and racially charged tweets.

Eric Trump could just be following along with his father’s wishes. A report from Politico claimed that behind the scenes, Trump was furious that top Republicans were not being more aggressive in defending his tweets. The report noted that some of the more vulnerable Republicans up for re-election in 2020 are in a tough spot with the tweet, facing the ire of voters if they don’t speak out against the tweets widely decried as racist but also facing the wrath of Donald Trump if they refuse to defend him.