Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hailey Clauson Throws Off Bikini Top In Sandy Booty Snap

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Hailey Clauson is getting excited about summer. Her Instagram updates have shown her spending time outside enjoying the warmer temperatures. On Wednesday, the blond beauty had something extra to be thrilled about — her upcoming vacation. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model shared a photo that showed her removing her bikini top as she eagerly awaits being able to take some time off.

In a series of shots, Clauson faced the beach wearing a tiny peach string bikini. The first image captured the model’s perky booty, which happened to be covered with sand. She wore her long wavy hair down as she cast a look to the side. The second snap captured Clauson just moments after she took off her bikini top. She appeared to be flinging it to the wind in a symbolic declaration of freedom. Both photos showcased the model’s hourglass figure and tan skin, and her followers were loving it.

Fans of the Gucci model took notice of the photos, and some could not help but comment on her fabulous figure.

“Born to wear swimsuit,” one follower said.

“Hottest girl in da world,” another fan wrote.

“I love how your swim suit blends in your skin… talk about a natural look,” quipped another.

To stay fit, Clauson likes to box.

“I know a lot of models do it,” she said in an interview with Health magazine, adding that once she started doing it, she realized how fun it was.

The model emphasized that liking exercise was critical to success. She said it was important for everyone to find a workout that they loved, otherwise they would hate working out and never do it.

She dismissed any myths about boxing causing women to bulk up, adding that when she started the sport, she actually slimmed out.

“Since you’re not using any extra weights, just your own body, in a weird way it’s like doing Pilates or yoga. I think it’s the best way to get long and lean muscles,” she said.

Clauson said boxing could be can also be somewhat therapeutic.

“Boxing gets out all of your frustrations, which feels great. It just feels good to punch something sometimes.”

The 24-year-old also said that the sport made her feel powerful.

“It feels good to know that in case something ever happens, you know how to fight,” she said.

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