Russian Couple Having Sex At Party Falls Out Ninth-Story Window, Woman Dies Instantly And Man Returns To Party

Nathan Francis

A woman was killed in Russia after she and a man fell out of a window while having sex at a party -- but the man, who survived because her body cushioned his fall, reportedly got up and rejoined the party.

The incident took place in the city of St. Petersburg, where police say the couple was together at what neighbors described as a wild party. As The Daily Mail noted, the couple was reportedly having sex on the windowsill when someone threw a television out of a window in the apartment, which caused the couple to plummet through the window and fall nine stories to the ground below.

Police say the 30-year-old woman was killed instantly as her head hit the pavement, but her 29-year-old lover survived as some bushes and the woman's body broke his fall. Apparently avoiding major injury, the man then got up and rejoined the party, police said.

When police arrived, the partygoers reportedly attacked them.

"Witnesses told local media that the partially clothed man then got up and went back to rejoin the party," The Daily Mail noted. "Police were called, and when they arrived the revelers allegedly threw a mop out of the windows at them."

This is not the first time a story of mid-sex tragedy has gotten viral attention. Last year, police in New Jersey said a married woman and her secret lover were killed as they had sex in a closed garage with a running car inside. As NBC New York reported, police believe that the 39-year-old woman was having sex with a mechanic as payment for some work the man was doing on her car, but they were overcome by a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the garage.

Police said the woman's husband found the pair after he noticed a strong smell in the garage. He later recounted the moment he found their lifeless bodies.

"As I tried to step to open the last garage door, I see the mechanic, he's laid out," the woman's husband told ABC 7 New York. "She's just a few feet away, she's laid out. And pretty much I had to call 911, because at this time, with that level of emissions, I knew that they were gone."

Police in Russia said they have launched a murder investigation after the woman was killed after plunging out the window.