‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Dean Unglert Stayed Sober For First Time In Four Seasons

Dean Unglert smiles in blazer
John Sciulli / Getty Images

Dean Unglert will be on the newest season of Bachelor in Paradise that will air later this summer. Filming has already wrapped and according to People, Dean stayed sober for the entire time in Mexico with the crew.

In a new episode of the podcast Help! I Suck At Dating with Vanessa Grimaldi and Jared Haibon, Dean revealed he was able to stay sober then entire time he filmed this season of Bachelor in Paradise. He even admitted that this was the best season because of it. He also opened up to People on his break from drinking.

“For the first time in all four seasons, I’ve stayed completely sober the entire time. Which is a challenging thing, in that circumstance, because you get bored a lot, all you wanna do is drink, your friends are drinking, all you wanna do is join them.”

Despite the urge to join his friends, Dean is actually excited to watch the show back this time around. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about making a fool of himself on camera. Or if he does, it won’t be because of drinking too much alcohol.

In addition to not being ashamed to watch the season back like he has been in the past, Dean also just feels better now about his time on the show.

It is still unknown who exactly Dean will end up with after this season is over. Although, according to People, many sources have said he will end up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Caelynn was one of Colton Underwood’s final contenders and was heart broken when she got sent home.


People says that Dean and Caelynn will reportedly fall in love but Dean will end up leaving. After he realizes that she’s the one he will come back for her. Reports say the two are still together, but right now Dean is keeping quiet on everything and not giving out any hints on how his season of Paradise will end.

“I don’t know if I’m in a relationship after all of this is said and done,” Dean said when asked how his season will end. “I think you’ll have to watch this season and decide for yourself.”

Apparently before he got to Paradise though, he thought that he wouldn’t find love when he was there. Dean has been on many different Bachelor franchise shows including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Winter Games and now two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. If he really did find love this time, it’s pretty exciting considering his long track record of other shows.