'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Says All Of Thomas Ravenel's Allegations Will Be Discredited

While there are new allegations almost daily from Thomas Ravenel's camp in his custody battle, his former partner Kathryn Dennis has remained quiet per her lawyer, Alex Cash's, recommendations. But new accusations have caused the normally reserved Cash to issue a statement from his client about the latest barbs from Ravenel.

People Magazine shared that the statement from Dennis' lawyer, Alexander Cash from Rosen Hagood in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, refuted the latest allegations that his client is "addicted to prescription medications, marijuana, alcohol, shopping and sex."

These new accusations came from Ashley Pillar, a local man who dated Dennis briefly in 2016 and who was arrested on July 11 for the second time, according to the Charleston County Court website. In response, Cash states that all of these new accusations will be refuted in court, as the judge has asked both parties to keep the custody matter out of the press.

"For ethical reasons, I try to avoid making any statements to the press whatsoever. However, Kathryn obviously denies all of this and I believe that the submissions to the Court that we have made discredit such allegations."
A source close to Dennis told People that Kathryn could have kept her joint custody with Ravenel, but in light of the criminal charges and his behavior, she was concerned that the children weren't safe with the ex-convict.They also said that despite the barrage of accusations, Dennis has remained quiet to protect the children.
"She's holding it together and staying focused on having her day in court. She could have easily remained 50/50 custody and kept her mouth shut. But she is doing what's right for the kids. And that's what matters."
Court documents prove that Dennis did not file for sole custody until after Ravenel was indicted on a charge of second-degree assault of the family nanny, who is also suing him personally.
Ravenel continues to drag others from Southern Charm and Bravo into the child custody case, including executive producer, Andy Cohen, reports The Inquisitr. The former cast member who was terminated after his indictment says that several people associated with the show have been conspiring with Kathryn to "trash him publicly."

Ravenel's theory of a conspiracy seemed to reach a head when Dennis and cast matriarch Patricia Altschul appeared on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. The Blast stated that Ravenel objected to the conversation between Cohen and Dennis. Ravenel says Cohen and Dennis used the show to trash him, all while a gag order had been issued. The former politician believes that Cohen disparaged him on live television when he publicly stated to Dennis that "everyone is rooting for you," and portraying him as a liar.