Anchor Laughs Uncontrollably While Introducing Swimming Cat

Holly The Swimming Cat

An on-air anchored laughed uncontrollably this week after she was forced to introduce Holly the swimming cat. Holly, at 18 pounds, is in desperate need of some weight-loss, and she is shredding those pounds by swimming.

WDBJ7 anchor Susan Bahorich introduced a clip of the 13-year-old cat, and, as it appeared in full life-jacket wearing mode, the anchor began to giggle.

Bahorich was trying to introduce the cat, stating:

“Holly, the 13-year-old cat, who dislikes the outdoors and other physical activities.”

The giggles at first seem controlled but when introducing the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Virginia where Holly is in “training,” the anchor laughs uncontrollably and can’t stop herself.

Eventually, Susan is able to tell viewers to “stay with them” before she asks for a cut to commercial.

Speaking with, Olde Towne publicist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson says:

“It’s the only physical activity this cat has. Otherwise, she is a one thousand per cent couch potato.”

The swimming pool where Holly swims is typically reserved for dogs, but Holly’s owner soon realized that her cat didn’t fuss during baths, so she made the leap of faith, bought her feline friend a life jacket, and took her for a dip.

Here is the viral video. Watch as this anchor laughs uncontrollably at the sight of a fat cat swimming:

According to Ruiz-McPherson:

“It was more an experiment than anything. (Lawhorne) saw that the cat didn’t get too upset when she gave it baths, so she thought, ”I wonder what would happen if I threw her butt in the pool?”

Holly only visits the pool every other week. The rest of the time she just sits around doing nothing. Among her favorite activities is watching Maury Povich reveal the results of paternity tests. No wonder she is so fat!

Can you blame the news anchor for laughing uncontrollably. It is, after all, a rather silly sight to behold, even if it is practical.