Football Players Punished For Mid-Game Urination

A group of high school football players seems to have no defense when it comes to photographic evidence of an apparent mid-game public pee party.

The guys — from New Berlin Eisenhower High School, in the aptly named town of “Pewaukee,” Wisconsin — evidently let it all fly in front of parents, students, and the other team during a game’s halftime this week. And fans in the stands saw it all. (And, for some reason, decided to take pictures of it.)

The school has decided to suspend the players and their coach for one game. But complaints are still, erm, streaming in. Some parents say the team should be required to clean up the field as a punishment.

As for the teens’ story, they say the bathrooms were locked earlier in the day and they didn’t know what else to do. Evidently, walking 10 more steps to avoid whipping it out in front of the crowds didn’t come to mind.

Pewaukee TV station WTMJ wasted no time dispatching crews to cover this late-breaking story. Their report is below.