Leah Remini Claims Scientology Survivors 'Stalked' By Church After Appearing On A&E Show

Lucille Barilla

Leah Remini claims in a new Instagram post that survivors of the controversial Scientology religion have been "stalked" by current members of the organization after their appearances on the A&E show she hosts with Mike Rinder, Scientology and the Aftermath. This information came on the heels of a post where the actress thanked those who honored her and Rinder with an Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Informational Series or Special for the 2019 awards.

Leah said in a lengthy social media statement that she was thankful to the television academy for recognizing the series, and claimed that the contributors to the series, as well as others who work on the A&E show, get "harassed, stalked and slandered every day for speaking and giving a platform to Scientology's survivors."

The former King of Queens star noted that she is happy to be able to continue to shed light on what she feels are the wrongs that occur within Scientology, as well as to give a voice to those who have defected.

It has been claimed by numerous defectors on Scientology and the Aftermath that members who leave the controversial religious organization are unable to remain in relationships with their family members and friends, a process called disconnection.

The actress was brought into the Church of Scientology via her mother, Vicki Marshall, who was trying to find a purpose in her life after a tough divorce from Remini's father when the actress was just 7-years-old. The family moved from Brooklyn, New York to Florida where Remini was further indoctrinated into Scientology as a member of its prestigious Sea Org at the main headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

The former King of Queens star publicly severed ties with the church in 2013. She remains an outspoken critic of the organization and continues her investigation, along with Rinder, into the alleged abuses of its members.

Scientology and the Aftermath airs on A&E. Remini and Rinder are reportedly working on a new season..