‘Maxim’ Bombshell Rachel Bush Posts Racy Nude Bathroom Selfie That Has Fans Drooling

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Rachel Bush is baring all, and her fans are drooling over the racy snap.

The Maxim model posted a series of nude snaps to Instagram on Monday, showing her perched on the bathroom counter and posing as a bed sheet kept her just covered enough to conform to the site’s strict rules against overt nudity. The picture was a smash hit with Rachel’s followers, garnering thousands of likes and all manner of comments on her lack of clothing.

“Drooooooling,” one person wrote.

The picture was also a hit with Rachel’s friend most famous follower.

“Baby face,” wrote reality television star and social media maven Khloe Kardashian, adding a picture of a heart eyes emoji.

Rachel Bush has seen a quick rise to the top of the Instagram modeling world, using the attention from her famous marriage to become one of the most popular influencers. The 21-year-old model is married to Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, which helped her to get into the spotlight.

But Rachel herself has done the rest. The busty model has amassed a huge following by sharing some very racy images online, showing off her killer curves as she dons bikinis, hangs out on the beach, and shares some glimpses of what life is like as a young mom and NFL wife.

During the season, Rachel often shares pictures of their busy lives as she goes on the road to support her husband, with their young daughter in tow.

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Rachel has even showed her team spirit in the best way she knows how — in a bikini. Late in the last season, as the Bills were eliminated from playoff contention and Buffalo was hit by a snowstorm, Rachel took to Instagram to give fans a bit of a pick-me-up, posting a picture of herself wearing a red, white, and blue Bills bikini out in the heavy sow.

The pictures have been a huge hit with fans and helped Rachel to gain a huge following. She has more than doubled her Instagram following in the past year, recently topping the 1 million subscriber mark and moving toward 1.5 million at an even faster rate. Among those fans are a number of fellow Instagram models — Khloe Kardashian included — who have helped to push her pictures to an even wider audience.

Rachel has used that attention to branch out in her own career, posting many sponsored photos for fashion and swimwear companies.

Those who want to see more from Rachel Bush can check out her Instagram page.