Leah Messer's Rare Family Snap Reveals Kailyn Lowry 'Cheetos' Disagreement: 'Mom Said No'

It's been two days since Leah Messer shared a rare family snap of her three daughters with Kailyn Lowry's three sons. As fans are likely aware, the Teen Mom 2 co-stars recently took a joint vacation to Hawaii. The relaxed break appeared to give these reality faces some time off, while also allowing their kids to bond.

Leah's snap of her children enjoying a Hawaiian beach sunset with Kailyn's kids appears to have revealed something interesting, though. A snack-centric discussion between the two mothers has given fans an insight into Kailyn's views and precisely what goes on when this 27-year-old's back is turned.

"When auntie Leah gives Cheetos to lux after mom said no love y'all! So glad this went the way it did!" Kailyn wrote in response to the picture.

A reply came in from Messer.

"@kailynlowry ooooops! I didn't know mom said no," she wrote.

Clearly, when the celebrities involved in the post personally take to the comments section, their words are going to get upvoted by fans. Kailyn's comment racked up over 1,000 likes, while her co-star's response also proved popular with over 840 likes. Fans also jumped in to add their thoughts. While the vast majority appeared to find the situation adorable, they did notice that Leah was letting Kailyn's kids in on a privilege their mother had put her foot down over – Kailyn had made it clear that the snack wasn't an option.

One fan picked up on the apparent perks.

"@leahdawn92mtv that's a true auntie!!!! When mom says no my girls always go to their auntie...lol.. auntie rule over mom when they are around...lol.. sorry @kaillowry," they wrote.

Another fan managed to bring other members of the MTV franchise into their comment. They wrote that Kailyn and Leah are the "best" of Teen Mom's mothers, although they appeared to have harsher words for Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

"[S]o glad y'all aren't anything like @j_evans1219 or Farrah. Can't tag Farrah, cuz she literally blocked me for saying her face is plastic," they wrote.

Earlier this year, Jenelle was fired from the franchise following a high-profile incident – her husband David Eason has since admitted to allegations that he fatally shot the family's dog, Nugget. Meanwhile, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has also moved on, as her choice to focus on a career in the adult entertainment industry was dubbed a "quit" move on Farrah's part, per Cosmopolitan.

It looks like Leah and Kailyn's snack views ended with a light interaction and no beef. Nonetheless, it offered fans an insight into what goes on when Kailyn says "no" and Leah is around.