Topless Woman Photobombed Family’s Vacation Photos

A Texas State Park
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

One Texas family got a shocking surprise when looking over their recent vacation photos: A strange woman who had exposed her breast and photobombed the family picture.

Per ABC 7 News, a woman named Monica Davila had taken her family on a trip to Garner State Park, in part to pay tribute to a family member who had recently passed away. But when looking through photos after returning from the trip last Monday, she noticed that a woman the family doesn’t know had appeared off to the side in one of the photos, while lifting her shirt and exposing one of her breasts.

“(You see her) boob, nipple, everything,” Davila told the news station. She adding that the family was hoping for positive memories from their vacation, and that “having some chick’s boob isn’t allowing us to do that.”

She also said that the exposed breast had “ruined” the family gathering, and that she has filed a police report and widely shared the photo on Facebook.

Police are “interested” in following through with the case, she said. There’s been no identification, as of yet, of the mysterious topless woman in the photo. The Uvalde Police Department, however, has not posted about the topless photobomber case on its Facebook page.

The story led to some very perplexed reactions on social media, including many people wondering why the mother felt the need to notify Facebook and the news media instead of simply deleting the photo or cropping out the photobomber.

“Whoever made this a news item is either perverted or just going for BOOBS clicks, no one cares that some family is sad,” basketball writer Nathaniel Friedman said on Twitter.

“Uvalde police have their hands full with this case,” Twitter user Cialis Cooper said.

Others questioned why it was necessary to shame the female body, in such a way.

“I bet each one of those people originally got their nutrition from a breast,” Twitter user Nancy Sharp responded to the ABC 7 story.

Others noted that, knowing the nature of family vacations, there’s a good chance that the family will, years from now, look back with laughing memories of the time a topless woman photobombed their picture.

“The irony is that the woman admitted that nobody had notice the flasher until after they examined the photos later,” Twitter user Jody Navakuku said in reaction to one of the posts. “The memories had already been created, but she chose to make the memories about a stranger’s boobs.”