‘The Simpsons’ Releases ‘Stranger Things’ Parody In ‘Treehouse Of Horrors’ Sneak Peek To Celebrate Episode 666

A new promotional poster, released by Fox Animation Studios, shows 'The Simpsons' characters in the haunted town of Hawkins.

Homer wins an oyster-eating contest against the mythical Cthulhu.
The Simpsons / Fox

A new promotional poster, released by Fox Animation Studios, shows 'The Simpsons' characters in the haunted town of Hawkins.

The town of Springfield is going upside down.

We are still many months away from Halloween, but the creators of The Simpsons are already gearing up for the spooky holiday. For its upcoming “Treehouse of Horror” special, which happens to mark episode 666, the show will parody Netflix’s binge-worthy Stranger Things and Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar-winning movie The Shape of Water, according to RTE.

Fox Animation Studios recently released a poster teasing a Halloween crossover episode, which will feature each member of The Simpson gang as Hopper, Eleven, and Mike.

The yellow characters seem to find themselves in the fictional town of Hawkins. Lisa is in the middle sporting a shaved head and a bloody nose, channeling the telekinetic Eleven played by actress Millie Bobby Brown.

The bottom of the poster shows three kids on their bicycles, just like the real promotional poster for Stranger Things. Bart is Mike, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard; Nelson as Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo; and Martin is cast as Caleb McLaughlin’s Lucas.

At the top of the picture we see Marg’s sister Selma Bouvier snuggling up to one of the octopus-like aliens from the planet Rigel VII, Kang or Kodos, spoofing Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones as the unusual romantic duo of Elisa and Amphibian Man.

The episode will serve as a historical installment for The Simpsons, in part because it will be episode 666 of the series. Fans were reminded that the show was about to hit that landmark last fall, but the show’s creators have been waiting a long time for this episode to be created.

“Next year, ‘Treehouse of Horror XXX’ will casually be the 666 episode of the Simpsons. As we planned in 1989!” said executive producer Al Jean, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The holiday programming will mark the show’s 30th “Treehouse of Horror” special in 31 seasons, with past episodes drawing inspiration from many horror and action films such as Coraline, The Exorcist, Jurassic Park, and Die Hard as well as other pop culture references.

Last year’s installment, called “Treehouse of Horror XXIX,” saw a Jurassic Park, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Three Faces of Eve parody. Homer and H.P. Lovecraft’s monster Cthulhu got into an oyster-eating contest.

Earlier this year, The Simpsons was renewed for two more seasons, which has solidified its status as the longest-running animated sitcom on American television, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Treehouse of Horror XXX” will air on October 20 on Fox.