‘Bachelorette’ Fans Support Luke P. After Hannah Sends Him Packing

Mark BourdillonABC

In a surprising turn of events, fans appear to have thrown their support behind Luke P. after Hannah sent him packing during a drama-filled episode of The Bachelorette. Hannah finally realized that the red flags surrounding their relationship were real, on Monday’s installment, as the show heads into its final episodes.

After Hannah sent Luke home, free of the secret doubts she had been harboring concerning their relationship, some Instagram fans turned on the current Bachelorette, criticizing her for her apparent harsh treatment of Luke.

One fan on Instagram wrote that the point of the show was to date multiple people, but having sex with them was taking things to a different level. The user also remarked that, if a couple were pursuing a serious relationship, the two people involved have a right to know if they are exclusive or not.

Another fan stated, “So you go to the guys’ hometown and ask if they’re ready for marriage and meet the parents and turn around and (possibly) have sex with the other contestant…then get mad if one of them ask if you took that step with another man? Given that they would be proposing a week or so later, of course, you owe them to at least tell them. Poor Luke.”

Yet another fan threw their support behind Luke, by noting that he had “every right” to know if the girl he was dating was sleeping with someone else, and that Hannah should have had more respect.

Hannah and Luke’s fantasy suite date didn’t turn out the way either she nor the man who has professed his love for her since day one had hoped.

“This is the guy that I’ve been waiting for. He knows without a doubt that he is in love with me, and he wants me to be his wife one day and can see that. And I feel like we’re starting to turn the page and turn to a new chapter of our relationship,” Hannah said to the camera prior to their date, not knowing the dramatic way it would all go down in the coming moments.

Hannah snapped after Luke revealed that, if he learned she had slept with any of the other men, he would have to “remove himself” from the competition, and if she had “slipped up” he would understand and they could work together to overcome her misstep.

Hannah told Luke that he was holding other people to a standard that he didn’t live by, calling out the things he struggles with. She then told him that, just because she wanted to have sex, which was important to her, it shouldn’t be a reason for him to walk away from their relationship. Hannah then told Luke that, despite all the warnings she noticed throughout their time together, she truly thought they were meant to be together. His comments led her to believe otherwise.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.