Police Refuse To Release Video Footage From The Night Jennifer Dulos Disappeared


Jennifer Dulos is a Connecticut mother of five who has been missing for seven weeks now. She was last seen on May 24 when she was dropping her kids off at school. On the night she disappeared, blood determined to be Jennifer’s was found on the floor of her garage, suggesting that she could have been attacked. Later that night, Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were reportedly caught on video surveillance driving through Hartford and dumping trash bags in various dumpsters. Law enforcement says that Jennifer’s bloodied garments were later found within the bags. Despite pleas from the media, law enforcement has made the decision not to publicly release the video footage of Fotis and Michelle, according to Stamford Advocate.

Fotis and Michelle were arrested six weeks ago for allegedly tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution, but are currently out on bail. Although this case is still being considered a missing person investigation, investigators have looked for Jennifer’s remains in nearby bodies of water and landfills.

In a recent email, New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski explained their reasoning for deciding not to release the video footage from the night the Jennifer disappeared.

“After a careful review, we determined that in accordance with C.G.S-1-210, et seq., the records you requested are not disclosable,” he wrote.

This is a reference to the Freedom of Information law, which prohibits video surveillance pertaining to an ongoing investigation from being released to the public.

Fotis’ lawyer, Norm Pattis, is all for the release of the video and has asked why it has not been made public yet.

“I’m still waiting to see the alleged videos myself. Fotis was arrested six weeks ago. What’s the hold up?”

Quinnipiac law professor Brian Dunlap explained why there is so much disagreement regarding whether or not this video footage should be released.

“There is a compelling interest on both sides. There is a battle between protecting freedom of information, which is extremely important, and protecting the integrity of a criminal investigation, which is also extremely important.”

Fotis has maintained his innocence in connection to Jennifer’s disappearance since the beginning. He even did a televised interview in which he insisted that though he and Jennifer had their differences, he would have never done anything to harm her.

In the wake of the ongoing investigation, Jennifer’s five children have been living with her mother in her New York City apartment.