Huggies Diaper Brand Is Praised For Putting A Black Dad & His Infant Daughter On Packaging For The First Time

For the first time since diaper brand Huggies was introduced to the public in 1978, the brand has begun featuring black families on their packaging, reported The Daily Mail. In their latest packaging, the brand shows an image of a black father holding a baby.

Huggies recently released a new edition of their diapers called Special Delivery, which is a line of diapers made with plant-based materials. While many parents are excited about the product itself for its more environmentally friendly properties, many more are praising the brand for being more inclusive in their advertising campaigns.

On the front of the unique black package covered with red and white writing is model Orlondo Thompson posing with a little girl named Soraya Lattimore. Another Special Delivery campaign shows a different black father with a baby on his chest as the two sleep comfortably on a couch.

More photos from the same campaign show both moms and dads playing with their babies. Another image shows a black mother playing with her toddler on the kitchen floor as they bang on pots and pans with kitchen utensils.

Twitter users have been commenting on the new packaging, lauding the brand for including images of families from various races and backgrounds and for representing fathers.

One Twitter user commented, "This is a first in history[,] look how far we've come. I'm about to buy these for no reason whatsoever."

A Facebook user praised the brand saying, "My babies are all out of diapers they are big kids now but I'm going to buy this box just because it's beautiful."

Another Facebook user reacted to the comments from people claiming they would buy boxes of the diapers just to support the brand by adding, "Yesssss. This is amazing!!!! If u 'buy for no reason at all' you could always donate to your local diaper drive, I know salvation army offers diapers to lower income families."

Huggies North America brand director Kristine Rhode responded to the positive attention when speaking with USA Today.

Rhode explained that in addition to the new diaper line's plant-based ingredients, leak protection, and "ultimate softness," the brand wanted to celebrate the fantastic job that all parents are doing when it comes to raising children.

"When you think about the important role that dads have in the family today and how that continues to grow, we wanted to make sure they were equally celebrated," the brand director added.