Kylie Jenner Ditches Her Bikini To Wear A Skintight Frock And Instagram Is Kind Of In Shock

Kylie Jenner hits up the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards
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Kylie Jenner has been showing so much skin lately that her social media followers probably expect to see the mogul-model wearing her birthday suit — or at the very most, a bikini — on a daily basis. Still, nobody seemed insulted when she showed up on Instagram late Monday night wearing a pretty white dress.

Yes, the sexy frock was skintight and yes, Kylie’s curves were very much in evidence — but this Jenner sister was covered up enough so that followers were briefly taking their eyes off her hot body to check out the camera she was holding.

The big video-taking rig seemed of professional quality and was aimed straight at the star’s pretty face. She was wearing her dark brunette locks down, the long locks flying in the wind with some strands reaching the top of her famous booty.

Followers were fairly curious about what Kylie was doing with the camera, wondering if she was filming another blog. Others just offered all kinds of emoji hearts in all kinds of colors.

This shot was preceded by a couple of others taken within hours of the most recent post in which Kylie was keeping a camera close.

One share that showed up on Instagram a couple of hours before the first was a series of shots in which Jenner showed off her lovely white dress to its full potential. While modeling against a backdrop of sand and palm trees, Kylie seemed to be dancing the night away as the ruched garment, a mini-dress, inched up a little from all her mesmerizing movement.

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The second shot in the three-pack was a close-up, zeroing in on the celebrity’s tiny waist. Her arms were held behind her head, showing the impressive long sleeves — also ruched — of this fancy-free frock.

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saw you in my dreams again ☁️

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The third and last shot in the series caught Kylie pretending to be thinking, her index finger touching her left cheek in a cheeky pose.

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spritz me ????

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In another independent picture from the Instagram friendly celebrity showed her relaxing on a beach chair as rippling water edged its way very close to where she was sitting. The 21-year-old billionaire mentioned wanting to have someone “spritz” her but that didn’t necessarily mean she wanted to be doused with water.

On the post, Khloe Kardashian weighed in, seeming to believe her little sister wanted her as a drinking buddy. She was probably kidding but you never know.

And so, as Kylie Jenner left nudity and her bikinis for other Instagram shares, the beauty expert and reality show veteran wore a pretty white dress to address her mood and perhaps to make strides in creating yet another social media video for her 140 million followers to admire and talk about.