Tuesday’s ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Struggles With Hope’s Wedding Announcement

Cliff LipsonCBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, July 16 reveal that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is in for the shock of his life. News of Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) wedding plans will reach him, and he will be devastated to learn that she plans on getting married immediately.

Hope and Liam are still in love. In fact, when they signed their annulment papers only a few weeks ago, they confirmed their feelings for each other. The only reason that Hope wanted to end her marriage to Liam was that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) had convinced her that the girls deserved a full-time father. Hope felt guilty because she was depriving them of having both parents living under the same roof.

After breaking up Hope and Liam, Thomas then made his own move. However, he used his son Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) to propose to Hope. He knew that they share a special bond and was counting on Hope accepting the proposal for the little boy’s sake. He also avoided a long engagement by frightening his son and making him believe that there was a ghost in the room. Hope was then convinced that Douglas needed her in his life as soon as possible.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Liam will learn of the sudden development on Tuesday’s episode. He will struggle with his feelings, per Highlight Hollywood, because he doesn’t feel that Thomas is the right man for his ex-wife. He and Steffy had just debated if Thomas was really in love with Hope. Steffy felt that Liam should give Thomas a chance while Liam did not trust the designer.

It appears as if the news will hit Liam hard. He previously told Hope that he would be fine if she moved on with another man, as long as it was not with a man like Thomas. Liam feels that Thomas is using his son to get what he wants, and he really disapproves of his tactics.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also tease that Hope will stop by the cliff house. She will try to explain her reasoning to Steffy and Liam. As far as Hope is concerned, she needs to step in for Douglas now that he needs her the most. Hope believes that this may be her only chance at motherhood.

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