Kate Gosselin's Daughter Mady Shows Off Surprising New Look In Photo: 'Fake...For Now'

Victoria Miller

Mady Gosselin is showing off a new look in her latest Instagram photo. The 18-year-old Kate Plus Date star, who recently graduated from high school alongside her twin sister, Cara, posted a photo that showed her enjoying what appeared to be an iced coffee drink while sitting in a cafe. Mady wore a casual T-shirt and oversized sunglasses in the snap, but it was her jewelry that caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans. In the photo, which can be seen below, Mady wore a small nose ring in her right nostril.

Several fans commented on the surprising hoop in Mady's nose.

"Gorgeous! Did you get your nose pierced?" one fan asked, to which Mady replied, "No! the hoop is fake... for now (hopefully)!"

Others fans told Mady that the nose ring suits her well and that she should "definitely get it done."

Mady's "hopefully" comment makes it seem as though she plans to really get her nose pierced sometime in the future. While she turned 18 in October and can legally get any type of body piercing done without her parents' consent, the TLC reality star probably wasn't permitted to have a nose ring as part of the uniform dress code at her private Pennsylvania high school.

More than 10 years later, Mady is getting ready to go to college, so fans probably won't see any future piercings being done on-camera. But at the Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles earlier this year, Kate did tease that her 18-year old twin daughters have expressed interest in starring in a future reality show, so anything is possible.

When asked if any of her children will eventually have their own reality series, Kate told reporters, it's "absolutely up to them."

"I think it's something Mady and Cara have discussed," she added, per Fox News.