Farrah Abraham Seemingly Threatens To Kill A Reporter Who Called Her A ‘Prostitute’

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Farrah Abraham appeared to threaten to kill an Instagram user — claiming to be a reporter — who accused her of being a prostitute, Patheos reports.

The situation appears to have begun about a week ago. That was when Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, posted screenshots of posts he’d seen on Twitter. In those posts, a user whose name Saran blocked out, but which appears to begin with the letter K, wrote that the police were called to Beverly Hills’ Waldorf Astoria Hotel because there was an unattended child there. That child, according to the user, was Farrah’s daughter Sophia, and the user claimed that Sophia was left alone while Farrah was in a room at the hotel, working as a prostitute.

At this point in the narrative, former Teen Mom cast mate Jenelle Eason jumped in. In Twitter posts that appear to have since been deleted, Eason said that she knew Farrah worked as a prostitute, and even claimed to know of “escort” companies that employed Abraham. Though those tweets appear to have been deleted, TMZ shared screenshots of them.

At least one website ran with the story that the police were called to the hotel: as Starcasm reports, Champion Daily, which Starcasm calls a “clickbait site,” published the story, “Farrah Abraham Endangers Daughter, Leaving her Alone in Luxurious Hotel Room While ‘Working’ — Police Respond.”

Farrah has since responded. In a series of Instagram posts that appear to have been deleted (and which were screen-shotted), Farrah shot back at the reporter who got the ball rolling on this story.

“HERES THE TRUTH YOU HIDE BEHIND YOUR REPORTER WRITER POSITION & lie because your a hater [sic],” she wrote.

Then, in what might possibly be considered a threat, she wrote, “@knewchu your [sic] dead if I ever see you.”

So, who is this @knewchu fellow who claims to be a journalist? That is, as it turns out, rather difficult to say, for a couple of reasons. For one, he doesn’t (or didn’t) identify himself on his Instagram page. His profile picture appeared to be of someone wearing what appears to be a press badge, and he captioned himself “Truth Seeker.” But, since the Farrah Abraham/prostitution story broke, he appears to have changed his Instagram handle to @charles.j.smith, and that account is set to Private, which means that only users the he has approved can see it.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, how (if at all) @knewchu/@charles.j.smith has responded to Farrah’s “threat.”