New Book Reveals Never-Before Seen Photo Of John F. Kennedy Jr. Taken Just Days Before His Death

John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn at an event.
George De Sota / Getty Images

A new book has revealed some never-before seen glimpses into the life and death of John F. Kennedy Jr., including a photo taken just days before his death.

The 20th anniversary of Kennedy’s death has prompted a number of documentaries and books about his life and tragic passing. As The Daily Mail noted, one of those books is releasing a trove of images not seen before, from John Jr.’s childhood in the White House to his life as a magazine mogul. The book, called America’s Reluctant Prince, is from author Steven M. Gillon and includes extensive interviews from those who were close to the son of President John F. Kennedy. It detailed his final months and the turmoil he faced during that time, including growing tensions with sister Caroline.

There were also tensions at home with wife, Carolyn, that had John considering a split, the report noted.

“On top of all this, he told his friend that Carolyn was refusing to have sex with John Jr, prompting him to consider moving out of their Manhattan apartment and into the Stanhope Hotel,” the report claimed. “He even alluded to divorcing his wife according to Sasha Chermayeff, one of John Jr’s closest friends.”

John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed when the plane he was piloting went down in the Atlantic Ocean as he, Carolyn and her sister flew to Martha’s Vineyard. The plane crashed on July 16, 1999, but it was not found for another three days, and it took a further two days before officials could recover the three bodies from the wreckage.


The book contains a picture taken just four days before the fatal crash, showing John F. Kennedy Jr. meeting with businessman Keith Stein in Toronto. As The New York Post reported just days after the crash, the trip to Canada was part of Kennedy’s bid to keep his fledgling magazine George going. Kennedy had scheduled a secret meeting to seek out funding, and he spoke at length with Stein, a top executive at the Canadian auto parts maker Magna International.

The picture of Kennedy and Stein shows Kennedy leaning on a pair of crutches, and just out of view of the camera is a cast on his leg from when he had broken his ankle in a paragliding accident. The night of the fatal crash was Kennedy’s first time flying solo since the cast was removed, which experts later said was a factor in the crash.