Kylie Jenner Fans Think She's Trying To Replace Jordyn Woods On Wild Girls Trip

Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram account this week to share a sexy new photo of herself flaunting her cleavage in a low-cut denim top.

Jordyn's social media post came at a time when her former best friend, Kylie Jenner, was heading up Instagram with naked photos and other wild posts from her girls trip to Turks and Caicos.

Of course, fans took to the comment section of Woods' most recent photo to share their thoughts on the entire situation, since Jordyn was obviously not invited along on Kylie's vacation following their falling out earlier this year.

"You see Kylie trying to replace you? She could never," one fan wrote, a comment which garnered nearly 700 likes on the platform.

"U suppose to be on that Kylie skin vacay," another one of Jordyn's followers commented, which gathered over 800 likes.

"It could have been you on that private jet," a third follower wrote of Kylie's vacation.

As many fans already know, Jordyn and Kylie were best friends for years until Woods allegedly hooked up with the boyfriend of Jenner's sister, Khloe Kardashian, back in February.

Jordyn admitted to getting flirty with Tristan Thompson, who shares a daughter with Khloe, but claims she wasn't the person in the wrong. Khloe and Tristan called it quits, and the Kardashians wrote off Woods from their life.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, following the shocking cheating scandal, Jordyn Woods was ridiculed online, and even appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook series, Red Table Talk, to tell her side of the story.

After everything began to blow over, Woods allegedly found herself with her career intact, and couldn't have been more grateful about that.

"Jordyn feels she has worked really hard and is really proud of this project is so thankful to have her own collection and make her own name separate from Kylie. She's feeling really thankful for everything," an insider told Hollywood Life following the scandal.

Since Jordyn and Kylie's falling out, Woods has continued her work as a model, and even kept her lucrative deal with Eylure Official Lash Collection, which was said to be a big source of income for her.

Sources claim that keeping her job was a big deal to Jordyn, who previously greatly benefited from Kylie's billionaire-dollar fortune during their friendship.

Fans can see more of Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner by following the former friends on their social media accounts.