Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Hayden Has Finn All Flustered Since Her Arrival

No one was more shocked than Finn when Hayden Barnes came waltzing into Liz and Franco's wedding reception on the Haunted Star last week. Even her sister was surprised to see her. Since then, Finn has been more than a little flustered. His ex sure hasn't made it easy on him.

Finn has been missing his fiance, Anna Devane, since she left town a few weeks ago to locate her twin sister. She won't be back for a little while longer. He has left messages with her letting her know what is happening, but she hasn't responded yet. He told her that Hayden is back in town. Now he is left to deal with the situation at hand. It's obvious that he still has feelings for Hayden that has gone unresolved since she abruptly left town. Even Alexis will notice that something is wrong on Monday, as teased by SheKnows Soaps.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will run into her ex at GH where she will ask Finn why he is troubled. She has picked up on his demeanor rather quickly. Finn is a high anxiety kind of guy and Hayden's return to Port Charles has gotten him even more anxious.

He and Alexis will do some catching up. The lawyer may not know yet that Hayden is back as she has been doing her duties reading Oscar's will while the reception was happening. However, she could have got wind of it through the grapevine. These two have had each other's backs, despite their previous romance troubles.

While Alexis and Finn are catching up, Hayden will meet with Laura to catch up as well. Finn will no doubt play a big part in their conversation, but their talk will turn to Valentin Cassadine. In the General Hospital previews for Monday, Laura says that the only thing hanging over his head is Valentin. They could be talking about Spencer as Valentin is a huge thorn in the boy's side.

More spoilers down the road tease that Hayden will be filled with remorse. Her and Finn's baby has not been seen. No one knows what has happened to their child since she left town. Finn thinks that she miscarried, but she had lied about it. Finn did mention their baby last week, but Hayden quickly changed the subject saying that they should just move on.

Finn also thinks that she is now involved with Jax. Will she let him know that it isn't exactly the truth? They have unresolved feelings and that may just get in the way of his future with Anna. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see what develops.