Joan Smalls Gets Cheeky In Tiny Daisy Dukes

Joan Smalls shared a brand new photo of herself in a pair of tiny daisy dukes, and it looks like her fans are all for it. Posted just one hour ago, the post has garnered over 5,000 likes so far. She posed against a bright light blue wall, which was covered in murals and graffiti. Joan rocked a black halter top with silver circle accents that decorated the front. The top had an open back and multiple ties. The daisy dukes left some of her derriere exposed, thanks to being so short, and it was possible to see that there was cursive on the back right pocket.

The model wore her hair down in a middle part and accessorized with two large, sparkling hair clips. She also wore earrings, a necklace, and rings. Smalls smiled slightly for the camera while wearing pink lipstick and dark eyeshadow. The photo was geo-tagged in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In addition, Joan shared another photo yesterday that showed her wearing a pink leopard-print outfit. It consisted of a bikini or bra and a matching jacket. She left most of the jacket unzipped, so you could see her toned midriff. The photo looked like it was taken by paparazzi at one point, as it caught her as she was walking towards a car. Smalls looked down slightly and smiled a little, as she rocked a very short denim skirt. The model completed the look with a pair of black Vans shoes.

In other news, the model previously opened up to Harper's Bazaar Arabia. She discussed her take on what helped her be so successful in the competitive modeling world.
"I guess I made my career happen by being determined, and just seeing your outcome, regardless of the journey it takes."
"Always surround yourself with people that believe in you like you believe in yourself, and who are creative and who inspire you. That's the main recipe for success," she revealed.

And when it comes to money, Joan revealed that she's more like a "squirrel" than anything.

"I splurge every once in a while on a great vacation or if I like a piece of jewellery that I think is cute, but for the most part I save my money and think wisely," she said.

Perhaps this translates to Smalls' personal looks, which she sometimes shares with fans. Notably, most of the time, she only wears minimal jewelry, which is potentially thanks to her conservative spending habits.