Royal Etiquette Expert Bashes Prince Harry's Outfit At 'The Lion King' Premiere

To the untrained eye, Prince Harry might look nicely turned out at The Lion King European premiere with his wife, Duchess Meghan, but royal etiquette expert William Hanson is calling foul on the Duke of Sussex's outfit for the evening event.

The Daily Mail quoted Hanson who slammed Prince Harry and his bow tie at the Disney event in London.

"Do we agree that Prince Harry's bow tie this evening at #lionkingpremiere looks a bit 'ready made?"
And the criticism of the prince's ensemble didn't stop there, because he then stated that he was fairly certain that the Duke of Sussex wasn't wearing a dress shirt with his tuxedo. Gasp. Hanson provided close-up photos, suggesting that the tie was a clip-on rather than a bow tie that someone ties themselves.

Admittedly, the shirt worn by the Duke of Sussex didn't have a wingtip collar, and the front placard where the buttons are located seems to be less formal than a typical black tie dress shirt.

Hanson commented that this is Meghan Markle's first movie premiere as a royal, yet she's not the one who has messed up in terms of protocol, at least not this time. The same etiquette expert called Prince Harry out for the way he dressed at his son's christening.

At the baptism for Archie Harrison, Prince Harry was criticized by some for his appearance in his son's official christening photographs, where he wore scuffed shoes and a tie which was too long.

In the past, it's been Meghan Markle who was called out for breaking protocol with her clothing, especially when it came to her dress length and her lack of stockings when wearing dresses and skirts, says The Inquisitr.

The old school theory is that a royal woman is never to be out in public with bare legs, no matter what time of the year, but the younger royals seem to be backing this rule.

When Duchess Meghan was six months pregnant, articles were dedicated to her lack of stockings or any kind of hosiery.

"It marks the second time in a week the royal has gone bare legged at an official appearance, even though royal convention suggests women should wear hosiery in public."
Particular attention was given to hemlines which were above her knee where she didn't seem to be wearing tights or stockings. Perhaps it's weather-related, but women in the United States seemed to come to Markle's defense wondering why it mattered whether or not the Duchess was covering her legs.