'One Piece' Episode 893 Spoilers, Recap: Luffy Unleashes Conqueror's Haki Against Emperor Kaido's Army

One Piece Episode 893, which is titled "Otama Appears! Luffy vs. Kaido's Army!", started with the arrival of Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy in the Land of Wano. After drowning in the giant whirlpool, Luffy was separated from Nami, Vinsmoke Sanji, Carrot, Brook, and Tony Tony Chopper. At the beach where the waves brought him, together with the Thousand Sunny, Luffy encountered two beasts fighting - a giant dog and a baboon using a samurai.

Upon seeing an animal using a sword, Luffy became more confident that he's already in the Land of Wano. One Piece Episode 893 revealed what happened to the Straw Hat Pirates after being trapped in the giant whirlpool. Before the Thousand Sunny sank, Sanji decided to use Sky Walk to save Nami, Carrot, Brook, and Chopper. Meanwhile, Luffy tried to escape on his own, but before he left Thousand Sunny, he was grabbed by the giant octopus resulting in him to drown in the giant whirlpool.

While the giant dog and the baboon were fighting, Luffy was seen by Emperor Kaido's subordinates, who immediately prepared to shoot the Straw Hat Pirates captain in the head. However, the latest episode of One Piece showed that like Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri, Luffy is also able to slightly predict the future which made it easier for him to dodge the bullets. Using Conqueror's Haki, Luffy defeated the enemies and tamed the two wild beasts.

After knocking out Emperor Kaido's subordinates, a little girl named Otama appeared in front of Luffy. Knowing how powerful Luffy is, Otama raised her hands as a way of saying that she surrenders. However, Luffy assured her that he won't do anything to her. Otama is happy to see that Luffy isn't like Emperor Kaido's men. Otama decided to take advantage of the opportunity to use her power to turn the wild baboon into her pet.

Otama got something out of her cheek and tried to feed it to the wild baboon. At first, the wild baboon refused to eat the Kibi Dango and almost bit Otama. However, Otama didn't give up and threw the Kibo Dango into the wild baboon's mouth. Luffy was surprised to see that after a few seconds, Otama tamed the baboon. Like Komachiyo, the giant dog, the baboon became Otama's pet.

One Piece Episode 893 featured some members of the Straw Hat Pirates learning about what Roronoa Zoro did to the magistrate and several samurais in the Land of Wano. Nico Robin, Usopp, Cyborg Franky were all worried about Zoro and how it could affect their plan to take down Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. However, despite being chased by the authorities of the Land of Wano, Zoro is only chilling under a bridge while drinking sake.