David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ Album Is Streaming For Free On iTunes

David Bowie is bringing a new album called The Next Day later this month and iTunes is allowing users to listen to it for free until it officially launches. Apple seems to understand just how exciting the launch of Bowie’s first album in a decade is to his fans.

There has been quite a bit of hype over the return of the superstar to the music scene. The video for one of the songs on the album, the Stars (are Out Tonight) even managed to lure in a Hollywood leading lady in Tilda Swinton.

Talk about the veteran rocker even hitting the road has been floating around the Internet. Bowies own drummer has talked about there being a real possibility of engaging in a tour across the country, if not the globe.

The Verge reports that David Bowie’s The Next Day is being offered on iTunes for free for a very limited time. It appears that the crooner’s people worked out a deal with Apple that streams the new album free from now until March 11th.

The album is officially released on March 12th so at that point you can buy it and keep it for good. The Huffington Post reports that the album is indeed hugely anticipated.

Once the album was announced, it was immediately made available for pre-orders.

Once it was indeed made available for pre-order the news spread pretty quickly and the album shot up to #1 on Apple’s iTunes charts in 34 different countries.


In the United States, Bowie’s first new album in more than 10 years debuted at #5.

This is the first time that Apple has done something with an artist of this magnitude. The company hasn’t said whether offering listeners a chance to freely stream a much anticipated album before its release date is a tactic they will continue in the future.

Will you be buying David Bowie’s The Next Day album when it launches?