'90 Day Fiancé' Star Aladin Jallali Says Wife's Weight 'Doesn't Matter' To Him

It looks like 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star, Aladin Jallali, might be a real-life Prince Charming for his new wife Laura.

According to a report from In Touch Weekly, Aladin recently took to Instagram to defend his wife against internet trolls who have been making negative comments about Laura's physical features, including her weight.

When 51-year-old Laura met 29-year-old Aladin — a handsome personal trainer living in Qatar — online, she couldn't believe her luck. The couple dated for eight months before Laura took the leap to go see the man she loved. The couple got engaged after only three days together and Laura soon made the decision to uproot her life in the United States and move to Qatar to be with Aladin permanently.

While appearing on the show, some viewers were quick to comment on the physical differences between the couple and insist that the fitness trainer find a younger, more attractive woman to marry. It seems the onslaught of negative comments have pushed Aladin to the brink and he recently took to Instagram to defend his woman.

"Listen ladies this is the woman I fell in love with her can put her down all you want but its just a reflection of who you are…nasty!" he wrote.

"She is my wife she is my life it doesn't matter her age it doesn't matter her weight she is the one I love.Get over it already and try to be nice and respectful! True beauty is within not in your nasty remarks about my wife."
Aladin coming to his wife's defense might be exactly what she needs from her man right now, as she has previously revealed that she often struggles with insecurities and trust issues in her relationships after discovering her husband had been talking to other women online during their marriage.

The reality star said she was married for eight years when one day, she happened to gained access to her husband's email account and noticed his confirmation emails from dating websites. Instead of confronting him, she decided to create her own account — with a fake photo — and catfish her husband, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

While using the catfish profile, she told her husband that she preferred bald men to men with hair to test his loyalty. Laura said she knew her plan had worked and her marriage was over when her husband approached her offline and requested she shave his head.

Fans can keep up with Laura and her beau on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on Mondays on TLC.