'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Bikini Body Shamed: Trolls Leave Vile Comments

Kailyn Lowry is getting body-shamed. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram yesterday for a sizzling bikini snap that showcased her curves in a stylish two-piece. The 27-year-old had presented her summer body with plenty of color and a glam spa setting. Supportive fans picked up on everything from the swimwear and smile, to the Dallas, Texas, geotag. Now, it looks like Instagram trolls are out to taunt the mother-of-three.

Users leaving vile replies appear to have caused a major stir in the photo's comments section. Fan outrage at Kailyn's body-shaming now has her post flooded with upvoted support slamming the initial responses. Of course, fans would never have had to stick up for Kailyn had the initial wave of trolls never entered the comments section.

The early hours of Kailyn's post going live brought with the hate, with many manifesting near the top of the comments section. Fortunately, the hurtful words have sunk amid the influx of support.

"Are you getting bigger or are the lounge chairs getting smaller," one troll wrote.

"Try to run to McDonald's in it next time," another wrote. Presumably, they were referring to Kailyn's bikini.

"You need to start putting the 'Heavy Load' and 'Wide Load' stickers on your car when you drive," another commenter said that proved similarly cruel.

Kailyn was also told that the Coca-Cola bottle she was holding should have been replaced by a "protein shake."

Fortunately, this star has fans who will step in when necessary. One of the most upvoted comments noted the wave of hate.

"Everyone is so mean in these comments.. also i noticed the mean people comment first. y'all really have her on post notifications to hate on her?? that's sad don't y'all have kids to take care of lol," the user wrote.
Kailyn does not appear to have replied to the shamers. The decision to ignore hurtful and unwarranted comments is commonplace amid celebrities. That said, some do respond. Earlier this year, singer Bebe Rexha was subject to body shaming after she posted a picture of herself in latex pants. When a troll called Bebe "tubby," the singer directly replied with an acknowledgment that she'd gained weight. With backing from superstar Demi Lovato, Bebe and her body shamer made The Daily Mail's headlines.

Fans may be upset to see this Teen Mom 2 cast member subjected to hateful words, but they will likely be relieved to see that Kailyn also has a lot of support from her fans.