'General Hospital' Spoilers: Curtis Is Caught Between Nina And Valentin

This week on General Hospital, more drama is expected to unfold with shots being fired at the WSB, Shiloh's arrest, and Dev causing some trouble in the Corinthos household. There may also be some mistrust coming between Nina and Valentin. They are about to get married this fall, but Valentin's lies seem to always get in the way.

Curtis Ashford has been hired by Valentin to spy on Jasper Jacks. He has also been hired by Aurora to be their new head of security and he has been snooping around Jax's office. He told Valentin that not only does Jax have a file on him, but he also has one on Cassandra Pierce. No one can figure out why, but Nina will be taking it upon herself to try finding out. Curtis will be once again be reporting back to Valentin this week, as Soap Central indicates, and Nina wants in on the action as well.

Valentin did tell his soon-to-be wife about Jax having the file on Cassandra. Now Nina is a bit nervous and she wants to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. This totally affects her, too. She isn't going to be happy with hearing any info from Valentin because he has, after all, lied to her in the past. He only tells her what he wants her to know. Plus, she made Valentin admit to her last week that it was indeed Curtis who he hired to spy on Jax. So, she is expected to go to Curtis to ask that he go to her with any information that he finds out before he reports to Valentin.

That certainly puts Curtis in the hot seat and in the middle between Nina and Valentin. He is friends with Nina, but he has also been hired to do a job for her fiance. The print version of Soap Opera Digest details that Curtis will reluctantly give into Nina. She wants desperately to be in the know and not left in the dark about her new boss. She also wants to be one step ahead of Valentin in all of this as well.

Nina will also be feeling Jax out on what he knows about Cassandra Pierce. When she casually mentions her name, he will say that he doesn't know anything about her. That raises plenty of red flags since she knows very well that he is lying.

What is Jax's agenda when it comes to Cassandra Pierce and Valentin? More details will slowly be emerging on General Hospital as Curtis may just discover a whole lot more soon.