Kylie Jenner's Naked 'Vacation' Pic Is Bugging Instagram: One Specific Body Part Irks Fans

Kylie Jenner's recent Instagram picture appears to be bugging her fans. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to the platform earlier today for a fully nude shot. The 21-year-old posed in nothing but a floppy summer hat that sent out curves galore, a courtyard pool, and the world's youngest billionaire announcing that she's taking time off.

While countless fans and a fair few celebrity faces proved nothing short of floored by Kylie's sexy courtyard snap, it looks like the star's more attentive followers have picked up on something.

"Did anyone notice how long her toes are?" one fan wrote.

Their comment received 170 likes in the space of two hours alongside 16 replies.

"I swear I thought it was just me...they curved too lol," a user responded.

Mentions of Kylie's feet did not prove isolated amid the thousands of fan comments pouring in. Another user also appeared to have honed in on the same body part, per their comment.

"Why her left foot big toe n index toe crossed or are they just long af"
"See look at her toe it's just the pose see" was another comment.

With a fanbase that scrutinizes her every move, this star is no stranger to fans noticing the small details. The same seems to be the case with Kylie's famous sisters.

Earlier this year, a video taken at big sister Khloe Kardashian's 35th birthday party caused a major stir after an anonymous voice in the background announced that they were pregnant had fans convinced it was Kylie. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner found herself swamped by rumors but that in itself is hardly a rarity for this star, though.Kylie's snap today came as part of the "Kylie Skin Summer Trip" that's already made major headlines on account of its ultra-luxurious kick-off. An Instagram update (seen above) showed the Kylie Skin private jet, matching outfits, and various logo-embossed details that got Kylie, her daughter Stormi, and a crew of friends off to a very high-end start.

Comments to Kylie's cleavage and curve-flaunting snap were, of course, not exclusively centered around the star's feet. Fans appeared to be digging Kylie's killer body, her serene setting, and the photo's statement hat. Nonetheless, it did appear that users were out to probe this young mother.

"Super long. Like fingers," one fan commented.

Kylie's sensational display proved staggeringly popular, though. Her classy nude snap had racked up over 7 million likes within five hours of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Kylie should follow her Instagram.