Despite Drama, Psychic Tyler Henry Says Michael Jackson Has Found A 'Deep Sense Of Peace' In The Afterlife

Leaving Neverland has left accusations of sexual assault swirling around Michael Jackson's legacy, and it hasn't been easy on his family, friends, and fans. CNN reports that three groups of the King of Pop's supporters are even suing Jackson's alleged victims, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, for "damaging the memory of the dead."

But according to TV psychic Tyler Henry, Jackson is doing just fine. Speaking to The Daily Mail, he said that Jackson is at peace in the afterlife and not affected by the damning allegations against him.

"When he came through, I just remember a deep sense of peace and it was really interesting. He came across as very childlike," Henry said.

"A lot of people think of Michael Jackson as moonwalking or with a fedora, but when he came through, it was much just like a child trying to connect and he really came across as any brother trying to connect with his sister, so it was just really an emotional special," he added.

However, Henry did the reading before the release of Leaving Neverland, which shines a light on Robson and Safechuck's allegations that Jackson molested them as children.

Henry did the reading alongside La Toya Jackson back in May on his E! show Hollywood Medium, which is available on YouTube.

It's worth noting that Henry has been the subject of criticism for being a fraud. The Wrap reports that Last Week Tonight host John Oliver attacked him back in February along with former Today host Matt Lauer, who appeared on Henry's show.

"Look, maybe Tyler Henry genuinely accessed the after-life, an action that would fundamentally change our understanding of everything on earth," he said before joking that he likely just Googled Lauer's name and "hit the f–king jackpot."

Oliver attacked Henry for allegedly researching Lauer beforehand and said that this is even lazier than cold reading — a technique used by psychics to imply that they know more about their subject than they really do — and blasted Lauer for falling for Henry's tricks.

Per The Inquisitr, Jackson's former doctor Neil Ratner recently revealed that he believes Jackson's obsession with childhood stems from his upbringing under his father, Joe Jackson, who was strict and abusive toward the "Smooth Criminal" singer and his siblings. Ratner, who was Jackson's physician through the '90s, claims that the abuse he suffered at the hands of Joe affected him into his adult life and prevented him from letting go of his childhood.